Apr 12

Conte sounded his worry and ‘anger’ after a total domination in the first half but the team required another magical moment from Del Piero

“There is certainly some regret and even anger, as we dominate games and don’t close them off, which often ended up in draws. This was heading in a similar direction, as we were in control and not determined enough to get the final blow,

Unfortunately it was happening again today after an excellent first half and we allowed Lazio so little. We have to improve and grow, but the lads are achieving something extraordinary.

It’s inevitable that if we converted all our scoring opportunities, we’d all be calmer and our coronary arteries under less stress! It’d also be fair, as Juventus dominated so much and had to suffer until the final whistle tonight.

It’s ok, as we go back on top of the table and always have Milan’s pressure behind us, but it is a good step forward.

Del Piero, it’s a great fortune for us to have him here. When you need to score, he’s your man. He has always been and will always be an added bonus for the team. If I ask him for a minute, five minutes, eight or a whole game, he always gives 100 per cent.”

Conte also spoke about Del Piero’s possible renewal. Nothing worth mentioning but there is always a possibility.

“Compliments to Ale and the whole team. At this moment we must focus on Cesena and the present, then there will be time to discuss the future. What is important right now is to recoup energy and be ready for the next test.”

Source: Football Italia (quotes) and Online-Soccer.ru (video)

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“And i said NO NO NO”


“And i said NO NO NO”

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